Sweet Home Alaska

Book #1

Skylar Beaumont never wanted to return to Alaska. Still, when duty
calls, she can't refuse. And, as a third-generation "Coastie" and the
only female captain in the local coast guard, she has too much to
prove. Being stationed in her hometown of Port Serenity isn't ideal
--but she'll tough it out until her transfer goes through and she can
move on to warmer waters. That's the plan, at least, until she crashes into
Dex Wakefield. Again. Shocked to see his secret high school sweetheart after
all this time, Dex can't help but wonder if he should finally come clean.
Skylar deserves to know the real reason why he abandoned the dream they'd
shared--and broke her heart. But this small tourist town is home to one big
grudge where their families are concerned... And leaving the past behind
might be the only way Dex and Skylar will finally realize that their first love
deserves a sweet second chance. Includes bonus novella “Love on the
Coast” Rachel Hempshaw embarks on a themed cruise, aiming to dispel yet
another local legend. But when her ship is caught up in a coast guard
operation, one sexy officer makes it his mission to prove the existence of
something that Rachel no longer believes in--real love.

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