Winning Over the Wrangler & Falling for the Rancher Father

Winning Over the Wrangler. The rugged cowboy who rescues Sybil Bannerman from a stampede is just the kind of man her editor wants her to write about. Yet she has no idea how big a secret Brand Duggan carries, until her life is threatened. Despite the evidence against him, Sybil can't walk away--for the man who lassoed her heart is the one she'll love forever. Falling for the Rancher Father. Widower Abel Borgard has his hands full raising twins and establishing a homestead. Wild West trick rider Mercy Newell's offer to care for his son and daughter seems like the perfect solution. And though it takes no time for Mercy to steal his children's hearts, Abel's is another story, because he's a single father set on stability and she's a wild-at-heart beauty searching for adventure.

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