The Cattleman Meets His Match/Second Chance Hero

The Cattleman Meets His Match by Sherri Shackelford. Cowboy John Elder needs a replacement crew of cattle hands to drive his longhorns to Kansas--he just never figured they'd be wearing petticoats. Traveling with Moira O'Mara and the orphan girls in her care is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Yet despite Moira's declaration of independence, the feisty beauty evokes John's every masculine instinct to protect, defend...marry? Second Chance Hero by Winnie Griggs. To help his dying sister, Nate Cooper once broke the law--and he's regretted it ever since. So when the ex-con turned saddler saves Verity Leggett's daughter from imminent harm, he's shocked to be called a hero. But when his secrets come to light, will Verity be able to get over his past and see Nate for the caring man he's become?

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