A Soldiers Mission

“The Untamed Hunter” by Lindsay McKenna (Orig 01/00). Hard-bitten mercenary Shep Hunter was going to run his latest mission without interference from Dr. Maggie Harper, the woman who'd walked away from him years ago. But Maggie had some definite ideas about how to handle their covert assignment--and how to handle him! Now Shep wonders if he can keep beautiful Maggie under his command without loosening his steel-clad grip on his heart. “Bulletproof SEAL” by Carol Ericson (Orig 02/18). Branded a traitor, Rikki Taylor is in the sights of sniper Quinn McBride's rifle. Yet the navy SEAL knows this woman intimately, and there's no way she'd betray her country...or him. Saving her is his number one priority. Discovering her real secrets, including the baby she's keeping from him, can wait--first, they have to make it out alive.

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