The Cowboys Watch

“Under the Cowboy's Protection” by Delores Fossen. A mother is murdered and her newborn is kidnapped. Now Sheriff Raleigh Lawton must enlist the help of the only witness: his ex-lover, Deputy Thea Morris. As the investigation-and their undeniable attraction-heats up, the killer dangerously raises the stakes. With Thea in the crosshairs, Raleigh will risk everything to save her. Because this cowboy's heart can't survive losing her again. “Wyoming Cowboy Ranger” by Nicole Helm. Jen Delaney kept her romance with Tyler Carson secret-along with her broken heart after Ty left Bent. Now the army ranger is back and convinced a madman is targeting Jen to get to him. When the stubborn woman doesn't heed his warnings, Ty's forced to extreme measures. But nothing he does seems to deter their dangerous stalker, and time is running out.

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