The Honeymoon Cottage

When it comes to creating the perfect happily-ever-after,
Yardley Belanger is a bona fide miracle worker. From
bridal bouquets to matching cowboy boots, the quirky
wedding planner's country-chic affairs have caused quite
a stir in the small town of Cemetery. But when it comes
to her own love life? She's clueless. Perhaps it's for the best. The thirty-
one-year-old has poured her heart and soul into her business and doesn't
have time for anything--or anyone--else. And that's something not even
the gorgeous older brother of her newest client can change...right? All
Travis Long wanted was to give his little sister, Sheena, the wedding of her
dreams. Ever since the tragic death of their parents, he's done everything
he can to make her feel loved and give her everything she needs. Still a
country wedding? In a place called Cemetery? But Yardley seems to know
exactly what to do and how to do it-and Travis finds himself falling for her
a little more each day. Soon Yardley and Travis find themselves being
nudged together by well-meaning locals who want to see the town's
favorite wedding planner get her own happy ending

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