Long Tall Texan Vol 8 *Reissue*

Long Tall Texan Vol 8 *Reissue*

2 in 1 Book #15 & 16

Start with Long Tall Texan Vol 1

Start with Calhoun. “Kingman” (Orig 1998)
He was everything Tiffany Blair wanted. Trouble was, Kingman Marshall insisted marriage was for fools. But for better, for worse, Tiffany vowed she'd walk eon the aisle as King's bride. She was young, beautiful and off-limits. He was too old and burdened with secrets to indulge in fantasies of living happily-ever-after. But what he wouldn't give to carry Miss Blair over the threshold.

“Simon” (Orig 1998)
He'd sworn off entanglements forever. But every man had a weakness, and his was Tira Beck. He'd labeled the socialite a shameless flirt with a cavalier attitude about marriage until he learned she'd secretly saved all her love for him. Against his will, Simon became entranced by her presence, her every gesture igniting him like a caress. Still, he knew the virtuous virgin wasn't about to surrender her nights to him unless he became her beloved.

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