Blackberry Cove

Book #3

Book #1 Sunset Bay Sanctuary, Book #2 Driftwood Creek. When journalist Jonathan Byers leaves L.A. with his career in tatters, he heads to Sanctuary Ranch, determined to settle some of his personal affairs by putting his aging father in a seniors' home. But his father stubbornly refuses to leave his secluded retreat-and has even rallied Sanctuary Ranch's gardener to his cause. Something about Abby Warren piques the rugged reporter's investigative instincts luring Jonathan to stay a little longer. Having found her own healing at Sanctuary Ranch, Abby knows Jonathan's hard-headedness hides a wound that needs mending. Believing a time-out in nature will help father and son see eye-to-eye, she welcomes Jonathan into the only haven she has ever known. But Abby never expects to find herself so drawn to him-or that he will uncover devastating secrets she'd hoped to keep long buried.

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