Home Again

Book #2

Book #1 Home With You. It's ex-Navy SEAL Porter Bradshaw's toughest challenge ever-six grieving nieces and nephews. With his brother, Matthias, killed in a car crash, and his sister-in-law, Sunday, hospitalized, Porter must take his turn looking after their children and the ancestral farm. He doesn't know much about parenting. But teacher Clementine Warren is a complication he can't resist. For Clementine, Benevolence is where her hopes for a real home and family crashed and burned. But as Sunday's friend and former neighbor, she promised to always be there for the children. As she and Porter work to comfort the children, there is more kindling than just Clementine's dreams. Now with trouble coming, she'll face down her fears to prove to Porter, and herself, that together they can make a future full of love.

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