Reckless in Red

Book #4

Start with Jilting the Duke. Lena Frost is a woman who has made her way in society without family or fortune, she's about to realize her first big success as an artist. Until her business partner makes off with her money, leaving her with little more than her hopes-and a dead body in her studio. Now Lena is at the mercy of a stranger demanding answers she dare not reveal. Is it her seductive eyes, or his suspicion that she's up to no good that have Clive Somerville shadowing Lena's every move? Either way, his secret investigation for the Home Office has him determined to uncover Lena's hidden agenda. But the closer he gets to her, the more he longs to be her protector. Is she a victim of circumstance? Or a dark force in a conspiracy that could destroy everything Clive holds dear? Discovering the truth could have dire consequences, not only for Lena, but for his heart.

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