The Runaway

Book #1

Rosemary Tulle has come to Halcyon Hall to find her younger sister. Seventeen-year-old Genevieve left a message on Rosemary's phone, begging to be picked up. But Rosemary is not on the visitor list, and no one will let her in. Halcyon Hall was once Bainesworth Manor, an asylum. Such places often draw whispers about gruesome treatments and tortured inmates. In the case of Bainesworth, the reality may have been far worse. Now, staff insist that Genevieve ran away, but Rosemary's instincts say otherwise. Rosemary and Genevieve share an unsual bond, and she knows Genevieve wouldn't have just left. Compelled to turn for help to a man she hoped never to see again, judge Whit Lawrence, she tries to learn the truth about Genevieve. But it will mean uncovering secrets about Bainsworth Manor, and about Rosemary's own past-secrets with the power to kill.

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