Holding Out For Christmas

Book #3

Book #1 My Kind Of Christmas, Book #2 It’s a Christmas Thing. Conner Branch hasn't stopping thinking about the singer he spotted during last year's Cowboy Christmas ball. So imagine his surprise when he discovers the kindergarten teacher who comes home for the holidays is the same woman. And once he's up close and personal with Megan, he's downright determined to keep her by his side for good. If only Conner Branch was simply the star struck cowboy she believed him to be, Megan wouldn't have to worry about losing everything to the rugged rancher. With Christmas in the air, it's easy to imagine spending the holidays wrapped in Conner's arms. But this songstress has hopes for a big career back in Nashville. And no holiday romance will ever get in the way of that. So what's a woman to do when she finds herself facing down a love as big as Texas?

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