Down In New Orleans *Reissue*

(ORIG 1996)
‘I didn't do it’ Those are the words Ann Marcel's ex-husband, Jon, mutters the day he staggers through her front door, covered in blood. Five years after their divorce, Ann and Jon remain good friends, still living in Jon's New Orleans hometown. But her relationship to both is about to take a life-changing turn. Because Jon is charged with murdering a stripper. And to save him, Ann will have to immerse herself in the darkest corners of the Big Easy, searching its clubs and jazz spots for clues. To complicate matters, there's the magnetic lieutenant determined to bring Jon to justice. Ann can't seem to throw him off her trail-or out of her dreams. But despite that troubling distraction, Ann has bigger concerns. Soon, she's not only embroiled in a fight for Jon's freedom, but for her own life.

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