First Time With A Highlander

Book #2

Book #1 Just in Time For a Highlander. Serafina Fallon is a fallen woman in 1706 Scotland who needs a good man to help reclaim her fortune and her reputation. When she prematurely casts a spell meant to help her, she gets more than she bargained for. Advertising copywriter Gerard Innes is a 21st-century New Yorker with a knack for the ladies. He is less than thrilled to find himself in a distant place and time, with only the vaguest of memories of how he spent his first night there. Gerardas talent with words helps him dodge most of the problems caused by abrupt time travel, but nothing has him prepared for the fiery Scotswoman who sweeps him off his feet. As for Serafina, sheas not sure sheas ready to trust any man again, let alone a charming serial seducer like Gerarda even if he is fetching in a kilt.

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