A Defiant Man *reissue/rename*

Book #3

(Orig published as Iris in 94) Book #1 A Resolute Man, Book #2 A Dauntlass Man. Monty Randolph has always bristled under his eldest brother's tight rein. He's his own man, and he's determined to prove it. Getting out of Texas has always been the plan, and now he's got the perfect excuse: driving herd to Wyoming where he can put down new stakes. It's dangerous, back-breaking work, but he's more than ready for the challenge. There's just one problem. Iris Richmond has been a thorn in the Randolph boys' side since she was a little girl. She's vowed to save her ranch by driving her own herd along the trail-and Monty's just the man to help her get there. Monty swears he has no intention of taking Iris to Wyoming, but she's never taken no for an answer. As the two fight their way through impossible odds, they'll need to form an alliance that could impact their lives forever.

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