A Steadfast Man *Reissue/Rename*

Book #5

*REISSSUE/RENAME* (ORIG 95) Start with A Resolute Man. Previously published as “Daisy” Not even Texas is big enough for the seven Randolph boys. Needing space to make a name for himself outside the long shadow cast by his infamous brothers, Tyler Randolph sets off for New Mexico in search of adventure. He's intent on discovering lost mines overflowing with gold. What he finds is a beautiful woman wounded and left for dead. Daisy Singleton is shocked when she wakes in an unfamiliar cabin, alone with a man she's never met. Confused and angry, all she wants is to leave the shelter of the mountain and track down the villains responsible. Tyler's more than willing to help Daisy find her way, but with her would-be killers still at large, the two reluctant heroes will have to band together if either wants to see another day.

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