Patience *Repack*

Book #6
Book #1 Faith, Book #2 June, Book #3 Hope, Book #4 Glory, Book #5 Ruth. Patience only intends to wear Lenore's wedding dress for a few minutes, but when a kidnapper snatches Patience in a case of mistaken identity, her life takes an unexpected turn. Lost in the mountains of Colorado, Patience manages to escape her captor only to stumble onto an abandoned mining dugout and an orphan boy. Denver City sheriff Jay Longer has been on Patience's trail since the moment she was taken. And he has no desire to force her to return with him. Still, he can't just abandon her, not when her plans to reopen this mine and find gold are exposing her to danger. If Patience's dreams of striking it rich come true, it will mean a whole new future for her and her mail-order bride friends. But neither Patience nor Jay knows how far someone will go to keep them from finding gold.

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