Three Widows and a Corpse

Book #3

Book #1 The Uninvited Corpse, Book #2 The Hidden
Corpse. Between developing her food blog, Hope at
Home, and choosing low-cal recipes for a feature in
Cooking Now! magazine, Hope has a full plate. Still, she's never too
busy to compete in a Jefferson, Connecticut, tradition-the town's annual
scavenger hunt. But as she races with her team to check off the next
item, Hope discovers a grisly surprise--the body of shady real estate
developer Lionel Whitcomb, shot in a parking lot. His wife Elaine,
who's also in the hunt, gasps and nearly faints. But two other women on
the scene cry out that their husband is dead. It turns out this louse of a
spouse was more than a little lax in legally divorcing his former wives.
Did one of them put a bullet in the bigamist? Number one suspect and
number three wife Elaine begs Hope to investigate. Now Hope is on a
new kind of hunt--for a cold-hearted killer and triple widow-maker.

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