Wolfs Heart

Book #1
To keep the peace between two rival wolf packs, Cajun werewolf Jace Jones agrees to become the alpha of The Breed motorcycle club. There's just one catch: he needs to mate the former alpha's daughter. His new mate is sweet and sexy as sin, but she's also been brutalized by the pack. But before he can take his place as leader of the Breed, he'll have to teach his woman her place in the club, in his arms, and in his heart. Her new mate is fiercely independent, rough around the edges-and sexy. Kill him. Earn her freedom from the Breed. That's the deal her father's wolves have offered. Keelie Sue Berard has spent a lifetime trapped in the motorcycle club's misogynistic world, first as the alpha's daughter and then as a mate. She's kept her mouth shut and her head down trying to survive. But Jace terrifies her. He protects her. He owns her. And now he wants her.

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