The Summer Cottage

Book #1

Somerset Lake is the perfect place for Trisha Langly and her son to start over. As the new manager for the Somerset Cottages, Trisha is charmed by the property's residents and her new boss, Vi Fletcher. But Trisha is less enchanted by Vi's grandson Jake. No matter how tempting she finds the lawyer, Trisha knows that if Jake discovers the truth about her past, she'll lose the new life she's worked so hard to build. Jake Fletcher left Somerset Lake after a tragic loss, but he's returning for the summer to care for his grandmother, hoping Vi will sell the run-down cottages and finally slow down. There's just one problem: Trisha, Vi's new employee. She's smart, beautiful, and kind, but Jake's job is to protect his grandmother's interests, and his gut is telling him Trisha's hiding something. However, as they spend summer days renovating the property Jake realizes that Trisha is a risk worth taking-if only she can trust him. Includes “Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs."

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