Coming Home To Seashell Harbor repack

Book #1

After making a name for herself as publicity whiz to the stars, Hadley Wells needs a little image control of her own. Her high-profile breakup from a beloved Hollywood actor has left her the center of national media attention, so she makes a strategic retreat to her hometown of Seashell Harbor. But Seashell Harbor has troubles of its own: her grandma is selling her beloved Pooch Palace and worse, to Hadley's ex-boyfriend. Tony Cammareri was the most famous tight end in the NFL, until a career-ending injury put him in early retirement. Without football, Cam feels like he has nothing, but he's hoping that opening a chain of sports bars will give him a new direction in life. When Hadley goes on the offense after hearing his plans, her grandma agrees to give them both a fair shot at the deed to Pooch Palace -- and Cam isn't giving up his perfect location without a fight. Only as their competition intensifies, old feelings come rushing back. All's fair in love and war, but with both of their dreams on the line, it's their hearts they stand to lose.

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