At Home on Marigold Lane


Start with Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge. For family and marriage therapist Brianna MacLeod, moving back home to Highland Falls after a disastrous divorce feels embarrassing. Bri blames herself for missing the red flags and worries she's no longer qualified to do the job she loves. But helping others is second nature to Bri, and she soon finds herself counseling her roommate and her neighbour's daughter. Bri just wasn't expecting them to reunite her with her first love. Caleb Scott knows his failed marriage has been tough on his stepdaughter, so he's grateful she's found someone to confide in even if it's Bri MacLeod. Seeing Bri brings up feelings he'd thought were long buried. He knows it's not the right time for either of them to be rekindling a relationship, but being with Bri feels right--like coming home.

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