Falling in Love on Willow Creek


Book #1 Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge, Book #2 Christmas on Reindeer Road. Single mom-to-be Sadie Gray will do anything to find her brother before the law catches up with him. Even if it means returning home to Highland Falls with a baby due any moment. But when that moment comes sooner than expected, and Sadie finds herself stranded on a mountain-in labor-she couldn't be more grateful for the park ranger who helps deliver her daughter safely. Soon they've formed a friendship, and while he may be hinting at more, Sadie isn't planning to stick around after she finds her brother. FBI agent Chase Roberts wasn't looking for love when he agreed to go undercover as a park ranger to find an on-the-run informant. But he can't help being drawn to Sadie and her daughter. He's longed to put down roots and start a family. But how can he hope to keep Sadie's trust when she finds out that his job is to arrest the brother she's looking for? Includes “A Wedding on Honeysuckle Ridge”

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