The Red Hot Cajun

The Red Hot Cajun

Book #4

(ORIG 04/05)

Start with When Lulu Was Hot. René LeDeux's burned out by D.C. politics and only wants to build his cabin in peace. But if his matchmaking great-aunt has her way, Bayou Black's prodigal son will be hitched before the summer's over. And when Valerie "Ice" Breaux, René's high school crush turned nemesis, is abducted by René's activist friends, it starts to look like Tante Lulu just may get her wish. It's bad enough being kidnapped, but did she have to land in the lap of the most irritating hunk she's ever laid her eyes on? Now Val's stranded in René's remote cabin, besieged by LeDeux relations, not to mention a dingbat duo out to save the swamp. While Val vows she'll give her heart to the Cajun bad boy when alligators fly. René swears to get the girl who got away.

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