The Baron

Stripped of his lands and title for another man's lie, Tré Devaux, Third Baron of Brayeton, is given a chance to win it all back if he accepts the post as High Sheriff of Nottingham. King John decrees his lands will be returned if Tré captures the Saxon outlaws haunting Sherwood Forest. Determined to regain his ancestral home, Tré vows to let no one thwart him, but he had not anticipated Lady Jane Neville, a captivating widow intent upon protecting the very outlaws he pursues. Jane may be the widow of a Norman, but she is Saxon by birth and loyalty--and niece to the famed outlaw, Robin Hood. While her uncle may be gone, she cannot bear to see harm fall upon innocent Saxon villagers or the men Robin left behind. Jane didn't expect to find honor in the new sheriff, nor did she dream she would lose her heart to him.

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