The Quest

Rolf of Dragonwyck is better known as the Dragon. This man of myth and legend has always lived by the strength of his sword and fierce reputation. The only chink in his armor--his beloved young son, being held hostage by the pitiless Earl of Seabrook. When Fate gives him an option to turn the tables, he takes the chance. Swept away from Seabrook by the Dragon's trick, Lady Annice defies this fearless warrior at every turn. Determined to escape, she is thwarted by the ferocious knight and expects the worst, but soon finds the Dragon is not at all what she had been told. His justice and decency invite not only her respect, but lure her untouched heart. Yet in the tempestuous world of King John of England, is it possible for a dragon to love a lady? Can these two lovers survive the perils around them and rescue a small boy from his cruel captor? When the Dragon is presented with a dangerous choice, he must decide if the lady who has won his heart is worth risking his life and his son.

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