Falling Angel *Reissue/Republish*

(ORIG 01/96) He was a driven, heartless businessman, until one night when his grinchy-heart exploded. Now, he's back on earth with a second chance to avoid his fate. His task? To right three of his wrongs. Fail, and he's not going to like how his story ends. Carrie Alexander lives a quiet life in a tiny town in Minnesota, recovering from a broken heart and her guilt. She'd been fool enough to fall in love with her heartless boss, and she'd not only been kicked to the curb, she'd brought down the whole town with her. She's doing everything she can to make up for the disaster she wrought, and she has no time for the stranger who appears at her door on Thanksgiving night-no matter how angelically beautiful he is. Healing the town is a relatively simple matter. Fixing lost souls will be a piece of cake. But how the hell can Gabriel heal the woman he's fallen in love with, knowing he's going to abandon her once again?

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