Rosie Ransom wants to defy convention and keep her job, even when her boyfriend comes home from war. But there's defying convention, and then there's executing a demon on the factory floor. Rosie is ready to roll with the demon-slaying power that's awakened inside her--if she can figure out how to make it work on command. Crippled by monsters in Europe, Hank Vaughn is home and searching for evidence of a demonic insurgence in Detroit--or better yet, a Redeemer, one of the rare women capable of freeing demons from their torment. Rosie could be his ticket to proving himself within the ranks of a secret demon-hunting society, if she would just play along. Rosie can't fight. Hank won't talk. They might be able to take down the infestation in Detroit together...if they don't walk out on each other first. But the demons are coming for them, so Rosie and Hank had better work together--and avoid getting arrested as the bodies pile up. Unfortunately, Rosie's already on the police radar, and Hank has a few hometown secrets that could end up killing their investigation before it begins. And killing Hank and Rose as well.

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