Because the Baron Broods

Book #2

Book #1 If the Duke Dares. Growing up in isolation in Cornwall, Tamsin Penrose looks forward to the one month each year that she spends in an idyllic seaside town with her best friends. She's shocked to receive a letter from her reclusive father informing her of a potential groom-they've never even discussed marriage and she rather expected to be a spinster. But she's met a charming, if serious, baron and now she's dreaming of a romantic, wedded life.

During his annual trip to a friend's seaside estate, broody Isaac Deverell, Baron Droxford finds himself in an objectionable situation: socializing with a group of ladies over several days. He is not prepared for the storm of cheerfulness that is Miss Penrose, nor can he deny that she makes him feel...good.

Because Isaac is an unheroic rogue with a devastatingly sinful secret, he should flee this delightful ray of sunshine. However, he can't keep his distance, and when her overzealous suitor arrives and won't take no for an answer, Isaac protects her in a scandalously public fashion. Now he can't run from her. Can these attracted opposites find a happy ever after, or will the past destroy their chance?

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