A Scoundrel Of Her Own

Book #3

Book #1 My Darling Duke, Book #2 Her Wicked Marquess. Lady Ophelia Darby exists in two worlds. In one, she is the willful daughter of a powerful marquess and darling of the ton. In the other, she moves through the underworld's shadows as songstress Lady Starlight, protected only by the notorious scoundrel Devlin Byrne. But when she stumbles upon her father's darkest secrets, the line between her two worlds blurs. Now she needs the help of the one man a lady should never trust. Devlin Byrne stands on the edge of London society. No one else knows that his obscene wealth and ruthlessness aren't without purpose. Or that his purpose is Ophelia. But having Ophelia is only the beginning of Devlin's plans. It's undeniable that Devlin Byrne is a temptation-but just as Ophelia begins to trust him, maybe even fall for him, she discovers she's not the only one with secrets. And his would lead her down more than just the path of scandal.

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