Lust and Other Drugs

Police officer Jordan and dragon shifter Edra might have to work together, but they don't trust each other-even if sparks do fly between them. If anyone finds out Jordan's a mytho sympathizer, it could kill his career. No one can know that he frequents the satyr dens and uses the drug Bliss. Another satyr overdose might not get much attention, but two dead humans? That shouldn't be possible. And it might not be an accident. Edra, Mythological Services Liaison, has been covering up mytho crimes to protect the community's reputation. With a mayoral election looming, the last thing his people need is a scandal. To get a murderer off the streets, Jordan and Edra will be spending a lot of time together, and it won't be easy to keep up with their deceptions... or to keep resisting each other.

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