Tempting Fate


Start with Seducing A Stranger. Disfig-ured in fighting pits as a lad, Gabriel Sauvageau has lived his entire life with-out the touch of a woman. As the brains and brawn behind London's most fero-cious smuggling syndicate, he knows he doesn't deserve shy, bespectacled Felicity Goode. But that doesn't stop him from watching her. Guarding her. Wondering if her gentle touch would soothe his savage soul. Though she wiles away hours im-mersed in the pages of romance novels, shy and anxious Felicity Goode has vowed never to become a bride. How can she share a life-not to mention a bed-with a man if she can't bring herself to share a simple conversation without trembling and stutter-ing? Once news of her obscene inheritance circu-lates through the ton, she is barraged not only by a slew of suitors, but also several distressing threats against her life. What she needs is a bodyguard. The large, scarred ruffian she finds on her stoop is ex-actly what she has been looking for. So why does his presence make her tremble in ways that have nothing to do with fear?

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