A Saint at the Highland Court

Start with A Spinster At The Highland Court. Over the past two years, Blair Sutherland has watched her sister and friends marry and leave King Robert the Bruce's royal court. Her parents have promised her a love match, but none of the courtiers who hang on the king's coattails interest her. Just when Blair wonders if she'll ever find the love the other ladies have found, her childhood friend, Hardwin Cameron, arrives at court in need of guidance. With more purpose to her days, Blair's loneliness no longer weighs so heavily upon her. But while Blair offers her assistance, she finds it hard to pay attention when the boy she used to race is now a man who's a constant distraction. Hardwin Cameron was the last person likely to inherit the Cameron lairdship, but he's watched one man after another in his family die until the title is thrust upon him. Amidst his grief, Hardwin struggles with the duties expected of a laird when he was never trained for such responsibilities. Thrust into a role that was never meant to be his, Hardwin is forced to make an appearance before the king. When he arrives, Hardwin can't believe his good fortune when he runs into Blair, a friend among wolves. The girl he used to tease is now a woman, and Hardwin can't deny his attraction as they work side-by-side to prepare him for his new role. A romance blossoms, but it's put to the test when enemies approach the Camerons from every direction.

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