Highland Rose


Start with Highland Lion. Rose Kyla, named for her grandmothers and the oldest granddaughter of the renowned Laird Liam Sinclair, assumes a visit to her great-aunt and great-uncle will be the same as always. But the merriment among the Sutherlands ends abruptly when the dashing Highlander, Blaine Keith, arrives, seeking support against the clan that has plagued the Sutherlands and Sinclairs for three generations. Unbeknownst to anyone, Rose Kyla has an ally among their common enemy. Can Rose Kyla convince her family in time to trust her judgment? Can she convince Blaine to trust her secret connection in a clan determined to destroy his? Blaine Keith, freshly off yet another battlefield, arrives amidst a family gathering of Camerons, Sutherlands, and Sinclairs when he seeks support from Laird Cameron against Clan Gunn. The strawberry-blonde beauty he meets threatens to distract him from his mission and demands from his family threaten to change the course of his life. There are no lengths Blaine won't go to as he proves to Rose Kyla that his feelings aren't fleeting. Can Blaine satisfy his family's expectations while keeping the woman he loves? Can he put aside his fears for Rose Kyla and trust a friend among the enemy? Rose Kyla and Blaine find themselves falling love as they face a future of uncertainty. Family duty, feuds, and failed first impressions threaten to derail their burgeoning romance as they defend their clans and the explosive passion that erupts between them. Their enemy soon discovers this Sinclair couple is like all the others. Heaven help the person foolish enough to come between them.

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