The Scent of Salt and Sand Trade P/Back

BOOK #2.5

Eons ago, Sirens were exiled from the Mortal Realm, held
captive in a cove at the edge of Tartarus. Now they risk
everything to sneak out of Tartarus and ascend to the Mortal
Realm with one mission mate with human men to dilute their
cursed bloodline and form a new race of Sirens, free from
their prison in the Underworld. But for a Siren to become
pregnant, she must revert to her True Form, a horrifying sight
that drives men to madness, and makes killing them a mercy. In modern
San Francisco, the Sirens blend in; each woman has a singular goal, and
each man she meets is her prey. Melody Seirina has always been different.
She doesn’t believe that she’ll be able to bring herself to take a human life,
even when the fate of her people rests on her willingness to do so. She’s
even more convinced when she meets Dean, a cop who sees a loving future
with her. Their romance threatens two worlds, the one the Sirens fled from,
and the one that will destroy them if they can’t complete their mission as
soon as possible. Melody will have to make a decision risk the future of her
people or follow her heart.

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