Old West Christmas Brides

“A Pony Express Christmas” by Margaret Brownley. Stranded alone in Nebraska Territory in 1882 with a broken wagon and two stubborn mules, Ellie-Mae Myers has no way to continue searching for her twin brother along the deserted Pony Express route or of returning home to Kentucky. Could a man on the verge of being hanged be the answer to her prayers?

“A Wife in Name Only” by Rosey Dow. Katherine Priestly seeks a job to help support her mother and brother. A local ranch seeks a cook, but the owner, Brett Masten, will only hire a married woman to work among his men. Desperate, Catherine claims she is a married woman at the tender age of eighteen. Will her charade become a barrier to true love and send her home without enough money to buy Christmas presents?

Also includes “Lucy Ames, Sharpshooter” by Darlene Franklin. “A Badlands Christmas” by Marcia Gruver. “Unexpected Blessings” by Vickie McDonough. “A Grand County Christmas” by Debra Ullrick.

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