An Earl to Enchant

Book #3

Book #1 A Duke to Die For, Book #2 Only a Duchess Would Dare. Miss Arianna Sweet's father discovered a formula that could be the cure for consumption. But before he could make his discovery known, he died under suspicious circumstances. While determined to bring his formula to the attention of London's medical society, Arianna suffers a series of increasingly dangerous accidents and is forced to conclude that someone is after the formula, and her very life may be in danger. Rushing to the countryside to her father's old friend Lady Elder, Arianna is shocked to find that she must rely on that venerable lady's grandson, Lord Morgandale--one of society's most notorious and deadly handsome rakes. Lord Morgandale is as notorious as he is dashing, and he's determined no woman will tie him down. But from the moment Arianna Sweet appears on his doorstep, he cannot resist the lure of her fascinating personality, exotic wardrobe, and tempting green eyes. But Arianna has a deadly secret. She is in possession of her father's groundbreaking discovery, one that someone would kill for. She can't tell Lord Morgandale her secret, but she knows she needs his help, desperately.

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