Book #2

Book #1 Fearless. She is my rival. My Tigrotta. My dearest enemy...and the greatest love of my life. But this, I can never let her know. I've spent years as a professional motorcycle racer vying to prove myself to the world, even as I fought to save my family from the clutches of a man who would like nothing more than to see me fail. He's not the only one. My Lorina--America's Sweetheart Lorelai Hargrove--would also like me to eat her dust. But this is the game we play. She pretends she hates me, and I wind her up as I pretend she's not all I think about. And yet after a deadly wreck, her confidence is so shaken, my Lorina needs me to stop being her favorite enemy and remind her there is a tiger within who will do anything to win. That I want to spend the rest of my life chasing her to that finish line again and again and again. If only the battle to make it to the podium didn't cost us everything our hearts desire.

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