Book #3
Book #1 Claimed, Book #2 Shattered. Alpha wolf Jazz Zendell lost his true mate as a teen and has no hope of finding another. Marcy was the only one. Betrayed by his own father, she was taken from him before they had a chance to seal their bond. Now his days are filled helping his best friend Desmon manage the Nightwind pack. The work is rewarding enough for a werewolf destined to be alone until a werewolf hunter shows up. The hunter is a human woman with connections to his lost mate. Rather than seek revenge, Jazz sets out to find the human and protect her before the werewolf hunting gets her killed. Shawna Hensky has been hiding from her past for a long time. After a brutal attack at the hands of a werewolf, she has spent years hunting shifters to protect others from the same fate. She, more than anyone, knows not all weres are bad, since she was raised by werewolves. She even loved one once.

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