For Alyssa, life as a stray has never been easy. And finding a shifter-friendly Dom is close to impossible, especially after the hell she went through with the last one. Beaten and scarred, she’s determined to take her life back, one skin at a time. Even if it means falling for Dylan—one of the best alphas in the region—who’d much rather prepare her for another Dom than to keep her for himself. The last time Dylan gave his heart to another, the bitch promptly threw it on the ground and stomped on it. Subs be damned if he's going to let it happen again. But when Alyssa—a redhead who’s just as fiery in person as she is in bed—steps into his life, he’ll do whatever he can to keep her safe. Even if that means falling in love with her. Can Alyssa learn to trust another Dom and accept her skin as a wolf? Or will Dylan lose her to the scars from her past?

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