Were Chronicles Volume 2 *3 in 1*

Books #4- #6

Book #1-#3 Were Chronicles Vol 1.

“Pack Rogue” Kiley Palmer doesn’t have a pack and doesn’t think she needs one. Until she meets her new mate, an Alpha. Austin Winters is visiting a friend when he finds the one person he thought he never would—his mate. But getting Kiley to accept her position in his pack is going to be difficult.

“Pack Community” Grayson Mason has been on the road for months in search of the feline Prince. All he wants is to finish his mission and go back to his Pack. That is, until he meets Beth Williams. Beth is happy in Coyote Bluff. Sure she might get lonely, but she’s never connected with anyone enough to consider mating. That is, until Gray arrives.

“Pack Mates” Nikki Stratton returns to her Pack to find it split between the new Alpha and the older members of the Pack. Worse, her brother is considering challenging for the Alpha position. Taking matters in her own hands, she meets with the Alpha’s brother RJ. RJ Cross fully supports his brother, so he is relieved when Nikki wants to find a solution to the Pack problems. He might even be able to come up with some ideas if he could keep his hands off her.

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