Were Chronicles Volume 4 *3 in 1*

Were Chronicles Volume 4 *3 in 1*

Books #10 - #12

Book #1-#3 Were Chronicles Vol 1, Book #4-#6 in Were Chronicles Vol 2, Book #7-#9 in Were Chronicles Vol 3.

Pack Security
Someone has broken into Cassandra Wilson's studio and destroyed her artworks. Pressure from her older brother and her Alpha has her accepting protection from the Beta's brother Max. She finds the ex-military, non-shifter a sexy distraction. But when reality breaks through and reminds Cass that someone is after her, will Max be able to save her?

Pack Beta
As Pack Beta, Chase Lawson loves his position and the time he gets to spend helping others. A request to check on one of the older members in the Canyon leads to a man shot and bleeding on his porch-and Chase ducking for cover. The last twelve hours have had Kayla Webb running from an attempted kidnapping. She returns to Canyon, Texas after her father is shot. At the hospital, Kayla and friends walk into a mystery-a secret her father's kept from her and the entire Pack-and it has come back to haunt them all. Unsure who to trust, Kayla teams up with Chase to track down the man who hurt her family.

Pack Secrets
Alex Wilson enjoys his low-key life at his family ranch. He doesn't know what he's missing until Angel Salvatore storms into his life. Shocked to his core when Angel declares them mates, he has no idea that isn't even the biggest secret Angel will reveal. Angel Salvatore is called to come to the aid of the Canyon Pack after rogue agents of her organization attacked. Not only does Angel have to track down the last three rogue agents, but she has a lot of explaining to do to her mate. Revealing the reason why he can't scent her, and why she has impressive speed and outstanding strength, has the potential of destroying everything she's ever wanted.

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