Were Chronicles Volume 5 *3 in 1*

Were Chronicles Volume 5 *3 in 1*

Books #13-#15

Book #1-#3 Were Chronicles Vol 1, Book #4-#6 in Were Chronicles Vol 2, Book #7-#9 in Were Chronicles Vol 3, Book #10 - #12 in Were Chronicles Vol 4 .

Pack Balance
Julie Sullivan made a horrible mistake. She left the man she loved when she learned about his shifter abilities. Now she’s determined to win him back. Cooper Grainger is trying to find the people responsible for the illegal drug that is killing the shifters of his city. He’s closing in on his suspect when he runs into the one woman who can bring him to his knees. But just when Julie and Cooper finally come together to try to get back the time they lost, Cooper’s enemies strike. Cooper must trust his friends and family to keep the woman he loves safe. Julie must accept Cooper as his true self—half man and half wolf.

Pack Investigator
Garrett Sullivan, a firefighter has his hands full when he rescues a young boy from a burning house. The kid, Nick, is a shifter and in need of help, so Garrett takes it upon himself to make sure the boy is safe. From the first look at the boy’s social worker, Garrett knows his life will never be the same again. Lily Harper loves her job as a social worker. When she’s assigned the case of Nick, his wounded eyes tug at her heart. The strong firefighter who stands by his side tugs at something else. Garrett is everything she has been searching for in a partner. But with a difficult investigation involving kidnapping, arson and mystery, Lily worries that she’ll lose Garrett before he can actually be hers.

Pack Law
When Mike Riley is asked by his Alpha to take on a case involving a shifter that has been fired for being a shifter, he has no idea how big the case will become or how much it will affect every shifter around the world. Shelby Holt is a reporter on the upswing of her career, and has secretly been sleeping with Mike for months. As her feelings for the wolf shifter grow, she pushes them down because he doesn’t fit in with her public image. But she can no longer avoid him and her growing feelings, as the case Mike is working on collides with her career.

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