Her Broken Wings

Book #8

Start with Lose Your Breath. Following an emergency call in the middle of the night, Detective Jenna Alton arrives at a family home to find the body of Lucas Robinson lying in a pool of blood in his bed. His wife Carol, shivering in shock, has just watched an intruder shoot her husband. As Jenna investigates the murder, she soon discovers that Lucas was having an affair. And when his mistress is also found strangled to death, Jenna is convinced that the murderer is living amongst them. When the killer escalates with a mass murder at a ranch on the outskirts of Black Rock Falls, Jenna knows for sure that she's dealing with a murderer more twisted than any other she's faced before. As the town begins to fill with revelers for the annual Halloween festival, Jenna has to work fast to stop any more lives being taken. But as the killer always seems to be one step ahead of her, has she finally met a murderer who can outsmart her?

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