No More Pocket Change

Jenson is an anxious wolf, resigned to the fact that he’ll stay a loner forever. In a last-ditch attempt to find his beloved, he joins a dating agency. A few messages come through, including but one note he didn’t expect. He’s been asked to help in finding a local Alpha and, bound by wolf law, he has no choice but to help. Damien belongs to a small pack, and he’s desperate to track down their Alpha, who went missing in mysterious circumstances. The Alpha’s scent disappeared on the edge of pack property meaning only one thing. His scent had been shrouded by a creature that is a wolf’s sworn enemy, and getting their Alpha back will be nigh on impossible. It isn’t just the enemy creature who must be feared, though. Members of the pack are keeping secrets. But no one’s saying anything, and it’s up to Jenson and Damien to seek the truth and bring the Alpha back home.

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