Hidden Hyena

Book #7

Start with Birds of Prey. After shifters became known to the public, Trent’s life changed drastically. He had no idea that his fellow cops and girlfriend would turn on him. Only his partner stood by his side. Then came the night of a burglary gone wrong. The other cops put off coming to Trent and Adam’s aid, causing Adam bleed out and die. Dating Melissa Bishop had Trent looking at a future he’d given up on. But when he needed her the most, she turned her back on him. Trent walked away and never looked back. Now the bad guys have come to Brookside to try to rid of the town of shifters, Trent will do anything to protect them. Even if that means working with the newly hired sheriff deputy. Melissa had made a lot of mistakes in her life, but nothing as horrible as sending Trent away. She’d spent years trying to make amends and getting taken on with the Brookside Sheriff Department will allow her to protect an entire town of shifters. She never expected to see Trent again. One look and Melissa knows she’s still in love with Trent. Too bad he’s warned her from going anywhere near him. When the threat to her new town escalates, Melissa has to prove to Trent and everyone in Brookside which side she’s on.

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