Book #2

Book #1 Howl. Alessandro and Maximus Luceres are dangerous wolves to cross. Members of the powerful House of Luceres, they have spent their lifetimes searching the world over for the Lupus Sanguis Chalice, the fabled wolf blood chalice reputed to save the life of a human bitten by a werewolf during the first full moon. But never in all their travels did the twins expect to find their possible Forever Mate, much less discover Trinity Wells to be in league with their sworn enemies, the House of Ribelle, who are seeking the chalice by any means necessary and want Trinity to mate with one of their own. Trinity is bitten by a Nomad wolf, starting the countdown to her possibly fatal transformation and making the discovery of the chalice all that more vital. Will Trinity survive the change and unite the pair of brothers rivaling to be her Forever Mates?

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