Rayessa and the Space Pirates Omnibus

Book #1 & #2

Rayessa and the Space Pirates. Sixteen year old Rae Stroder lives in a hollow asteroid, a defunct refueling station, with a brain-damaged adult, Gris, for company. Low on supplies, they've been eking out an existence for years eating beans and hard tack. Everything changes when Alwin Anton, ultra-clean, smart and handsome AllEarth Corp company auditor, arrives to find disarray and a deeper mystery. Who is Rae Stroder? To make matters worse, space pirates attack and Rae and Alwin Anton head on a madcap adventure to discover Rae's true identity and stay alive. Rae and Essa's Space Adventures. Rayessa and the Space Pirates introduced, Essa, Rayessa's spoilt, educated and fashionable sister. When Opi, their mother, goes missing, along with Rae's boyfriend, Alwin, Rae recklessly goes in search of them. Hot on their trail, Essa sneaks out of school, bribes spaceport officials and convinces Captain Thorn Hanover to take her on his ship straight into a space pirate trap.

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