The Specialist

Book #3

Book #1 The Investigator, Book #2 The Troubleshooter. Executive assistant Harlow Carlson is having a very bad week. Firstly, she's been temporarily reassigned to work for workaholic tyrant, Easton Norcross. He might be sex in a suit, but mostly she just wants to stab him with her stylus. Secondly, her father's in trouble and has gone missing. Lastly, when a strange man attacks her on the street, Harlow knows she's in over her head. That's when Easton steps in. Now her boss is her own personal protector and he isn't taking no for an answer. After he left the Army Rangers, Easton Norcross found purpose in building his company. He works hard, likes control, takes care of his family and employees, and thrives on making money. But his new assistant pushes buttons he never knew he had. Harlow's smart, efficient, and speaks her mind. But when he sees she's in danger, Easton is willing to break the rules to keep her safe. As danger swirls around Harlow and she's sucked into her father's dangerous dealings, Easton knows he'll need all the specialist skills the Army gave him to protect her.

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