The Hero She Craves

Book #3

Book #1 The Hero She Needs, Book #2 The Hero She Wants. After a tough career as a Navy SEAL, and a member of a covert Ghost Ops team, Lorenzo "Ren" Santoro now calls a research ship home. The ocean, very few people, and solitude is all he needs. Then as a favor to his best friend, he agrees to take a research team to sea to test a top-secret Navy project. He's shocked to discover his best friend's daughter is one of the scientists. Halle Bradshaw who Ren once kissed, who ignites a craving inside him. She's too young, too innocent, and too off-limits. When strange things start happening to Halle, Ren suspects she's in danger and he'll do anything to keep her safe. Marine biologist Halle loves the ocean, her work and Ren Santoro. Being aboard his ship, she finally has the chance to show the stubborn man how good they could be together. But someone is targeting the highly classified project she's working on. One she can't let fall into enemy hands. The only person she can trust is Ren. Forced to abandon their ship, they will face the danger of the sea and the wilds of a jungle-covered island, all while being hunted. Ren and Halle will no longer be able to hide from their desire or their demons. She's determined to convince him to take a chance on love but first, they have to survive.

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